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IMPACT Dress Code

All our studio dancers must wear appropriate dance wear to every dance class. Forgetting dancewear, shoes, hair being down and/or wearing inappropriate clothing will not be tolerated. This dress code is as follows:

Combo Classes

​Jazz/Ballet Combo

  • Solid color leotard, pink tights, ballet & jazz shoes, hair pulled up out of face

Tap/Hip Hop Combo

  • Solid colored leggings, form fitted top, black tap shoes & any color sneakers, hair pulled up out of face

Leveled Classes


  • Black leotard with pink/skin toned tights, ballet slippers with hair in a bun 


  • Solid colored form fitting jazz pants/leggings with form fitting top, jazz shoes, all hairs up and out of face 


  • Solid color leggings, form fitted top, black tap shoes, all hairs up and out of face 


  • Biketard or leggings with form fitted top, bare feet, hair up and out of face 

Hip Hop

  • T-shirt and sweatpants or leggings, NO JEANS OR JEAN SHORTS,  lace up sneakers, hair up and out of face 

Additional Dress Code Info

  • NO T-SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS OR BAGGY PANTS for any class except hip hop. Instructors MUST be able to see the lines of a dancer to correct placement, posture and alignment. Any baggy clothing hinders the ability to improve their dancing. 

  • Appropriate shoes are required for ballet, jazz, tap, or hip hop. Sometimes socks may be allowed but ONLY at the discretion of the instructor.

  • No jewelry: tiny studs are acceptable, large earrings or other obtrusive jewelry i.e. watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. will not be permitted.

Additional Dress Code Policy

All dancers should always have their appropriate dance clothes and shoes in a designated dance bag. This bag should also hold things such as extra elastic hair bands, bobby pins, hair spray, deodorant, etc. in case the dancer should need these items during classes/rehearsals. Dancers should ALWAYS bring their bag with ALL their shoes to every class and rehearsal. In addition, company dancers are required to wear studio colors and/or apparel at all competitions and team events.

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