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Started in 2022, Impact Performing Arts Company believes in training students to be technically proficient in skills at their highest potential while providing performance opportunities to encourage artistry and self-confidence in a nurturing and safe environment. We believe in a strong, collective leadership between teachers and parents to set students up for success long after leaving the dance studio.


IMPACT Values in Dance Training

Here at IMPACT, we like to set the "barre" high, placing our values in:

  • Teamwork - working together to achieve a common goal while bringing out the best in each other.

  • Discipline - encouraging and cultivating self-discipline and developing critical thinking skills.

  • Creativity - providing space for students to be physically and emotionally expressive and learning to be present in each moment.

  • Excellence - providing quality instruction and putting excellence on display.

  • Uniqueness - placing value in the diverse talents and abilities each student brings to the space.

Meet the IMPACT Faculty!

We believe in employing a variety of dance instructors that are experts in their skillsets to impart dance technique and discipline to our students.

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